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Interior Plant Maintenance


Green Space Design Associates is a highly skilled interior plant company based in Boynton Beach Florida.  We are licensed professionals in Broward and Palm Beach counties and have been providing superior interior plant services for over 35 years.  At Green Space Design Associates great care is taken to ensure that the interior plant design is appropriate for the space and that it responds to the expectations of our clients.  Our delivery and installation crews are clean, efficient and courteous.


We offer two types of services; seasonal plant rental and guaranteed maintenance.


Seasonal Plant Rental

This service is specifically designed for our seasonal Florida residents who would like to have live plants beautify their home only for certain months during the year.  This service consists of a monthly rental fee for the cost of the plants that includes weekly visits from our professional maintenance technicians for watering, pruning, fertilization, & foliage cleaning.  A delivery/pick up charge will also be assessed separately. 

Guaranteed Interior Maintenance

Our guaranteed interior maintenance program consists of watering, pruning, fertilization, foliage cleaning, and pest control provided by one of our uniformed professional maintenance technicians each week, and is provided year round.  Containers and plants are purchased up front & then owned by the customer.  A monthly fee is charged for the weekly maintenance with a guarantee that if at any time a plants needs to be replaced due to natural decline, there is no replacement charge.

In addition to our guaranteed interior plant maintenance, we also provide maintenance for exterior patios, short-term rentals, and orchid arrangements for parties, meetings and special events. We also provide Poinsettia deliveries to your home or office for the holiday season.

So if you are looking to create a green environment in your home or place of business with more reliable quality of service,  arrange a consultation immediately with one of our experts by going to our contact page.

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